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Monday - Friday
  5:30am - 9:00pm
Saturday - Sunday
  6:00am - 6:00pm

Racquetball Courts: Reservations are made at the fitness desk for one hour intervals. Racquets available.
Pool Information: Six lane lap pool for lap swimmers. Water aerobics fitness classes are located at the BellaVita Pool.
Spa Facility: Manicures, pedicures, facials, massage and waxing. See "Spa Services" for complete details.
Locker Information: Lockers are located poolside, in the fitness room and in the men's and women's locker rooms for your convenience. Combination locks are opened with your personal 4 digit code.
Fitness Equipment

  -Star Trac – 10 pieces  
  -True – 10 pieces

  -True CS800 – 6 pieces
  -Star Trac Select Fit – 2 pieces
  -Cybex Arc Trainers – 3 pieces
  -Precor EFX - 6 pieces

  -Star Trac Recumbent – 4 pieces
  -True Recumbent – 4 pieces
  -Star Trac Vertical Seat – 4 pieces
  -Expresso S2 – 2 pieces
  -Schwinn Spinning Bikes – 21 pieces
  -Monark Ergomedic 828E
  -Star Trac E Spinners – 2 pieces
Miscellaneous Cardio Equipment 
  -Star Trac Stepper – 1 piece
  -Stair Master – 2 pieces
  -Versa Climber – 1 piece
  -Water Power Rowing Machine
  -SciFit upper body Cardio
  -Precor Stretch – 6 pieces
  -True Total Body Stretch – 2 pieces
Strength Training Circuits 
Cybex VR3 
  -Chest Press
  -Overhead Press
  -Fly and Rear Delt
  -Lateral Raise
  -Torso Rotation
  -Lat Row
  -Arm Curl
  -Arm Extension
  -Lat Pulldown
  -Back Extension
  -Abdominal Crunch
  -Leg Extension
  -Leg Curl
  -Hip Abduction
  -Hip Adduction
  -Dip Chin Assist
  -Leg Press
Cybex Eagle 
  -Lat Pulldown
  -Chest Press
  -Overhead Press
  -Arm Extension
  -Arm Curl
  -Fly and Rear Delt
  -Incline Press
  -Lat Row
  -Leg Press
  -Leg Extension
  -Leg Curl
  -Glut isolation
  -Calf isolation
  -Abdominal Crunch
  -Rotary Chest
  -Rotary Shoulder
  -Pec Fly
  -Seated Row
  -Lat Pulldown
  -Bicep Curl
  -Arm Extension
  -Leg Press
  -Leg Extension
  -Leg Curl
  -Abdominal Crunch
  -Low Back Extension
  -Leg Extension
  -Arm Curl
  -Abdominal Crunch
  -Chest Press
  -Triceps Extension

 Free Weight Room
  -Cybex Leg Press 
  -2 Smith Racks 
  -3 Adjustable Benches 
  -Plate Loaded Calf Raise 
  -Flat bench Olympic Chest Press with Olympic Bar 
  -Olympic chest press with adjustable bench for incline, decline or flat 
  -3 dumb bell racks with dumb bells from 5 to 80 pounds 
  -Wrist Roll 
  -Free Weight Plates from 2.5 to 45 pounds 
  -Preacher Curl 
  -Additional bars and accessories
  -Dumbbells - 3 Sets

Miscellaneous Equipment 

 -2 Precor Ab-X Benches 
  -Ab Decline Bench 
  -Cybex Body Extension 
  -Inversion Bench 
  -Cybex Body Extension 
  -Cybex Leg Raise 
  -Roman Chair 
  -Functional Trainer that includes 30 pieces of accessory equipment (triceps ropes, curl bars, triceps push downs, ankle straps) 
  -2 adjustable benches  
  -Various pieces of accessories including power balls, bozu, core strength pads, bands, mats, jump ropes, power bars, and steps 
  -2 Bozu Ball Docking Station for Core Strenth  
  -Heavy Bag and Speed Bag and various additional aerobic accessories.



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