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         Do you want to stay informed of all that’s happening at your Club? Do you like to get discounts? If so you need to download our new smartphone App!  Studies prove that a text message is going to reach most people quicker than an email. Studies also show that a text is more likely to be read than an email. With all that the Club has going on during the year and our need to keep you informed we are asking everyone who has a smartphone to take a moment and download the Citrus Hills smartphone App immediately.


15 Things to do in Fall

1.     Take photos of the fall foliage. Go for a walk around your neighborhood, appreciate the splendor, and take pictures.

2.     Go for a long drive. Autumn is a gorgeous time to view the scenery. 

3.     Go apple picking. A cherished rite of fall and fun family outing is to reconnect away from TV and electronics.

4.     Go to a haunted house. Get into the spine-tingling spirit, and embrace the weird and wonderful tradition of visiting a haunted house.

5.     Buy cozy new bedding. Brand new bedding is one of life’s little pleasures, especially when it starts to get cooler at night.


Upcoming Events

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