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We've Gone Mobile!

         Do you want to stay informed of all that’s happening at your Club? Do you like to get discounts? If so you need to download our new smartphone App!  Studies prove that a text message is going to reach most people quicker than an email. Studies also show that a text is more likely to be read than an email. With all that the Club has going on during the year and our need to keep you informed we are asking everyone who has a smartphone to take a moment and download the Citrus Hills smartphone App immediately.
      It’s very simple, go to the App Store and type in Citrus Hills in your search box. Then click on it to download the App to your phone for FREE. It’s that easy! When we need to send out a quick notice or reminder you are able to receive it via pop-up text notification. Please ensure that notifications for our App are turned on in your settings.  All Apps that have interactive features (taking photos, sending emails, getting directions, making phone calls) require access to your phone’s system.  The App does not ever record, store, read, see anything on the user’s phone.  The App simply accesses the phone functions when making a call from the App, accesses the camera when taking a picture from the App, accesses the email when sending an email from the App only. If you would like assistance please send an email to marketing@citrushills.com with your phone number and we’ll give you a call and walk you through the process. Also, Russell Aquinaldo and the staff in the Activity Center will be happy to assist you with setting it up. This will give members the opportunity to connect with the Club instantaneously from your cell phones and provides a variety of user-friendly links to all of our amenities. The App will be updated daily but may not update automatically on your phone if you aren’t checking it daily. The fastest and easiest way to update the App is to simply shake your phone! It’s quick and fun to do! 



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