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Skyview at Terra Vista Update - by Herb Hurley

    July is here, and with it comes the beautiful summer weather, cookouts, and the beach.  Summer is a great time of year to play golf. However, many golfers feel that it may be a little too hot. I, for one, love playing in the summer. The big difference is I would much rather play in the afternoon than the early morning. The temperature may be lower, but the humidity that rises when the dew starts evaporating can be higher. I like to play in the afternoon when the ground is nice and dry and the summer sea breeze has kicked in. I highly recommend playing at this time of day for a nice afternoon round of golf.
  In order for David Hoggard to continue getting the golf course in great shape, we have decided to skip the aerification that was scheduled on June 20th and 21st. Instead, we will be aerifying on July 11th & 12th. This decision was made in order to give the summer Bermuda grass three more weeks of growing and filling-in, before we pulled plugs again and stressed out the grass. We believe these extra three weeks will be very beneficial to the turf grass. During this time, David will be fertilizing and doing other agronomic practices to ensure the health of our turf grass.


Citrus Hills Golf & Country Club Updates - by Wayne Larsen

      We began our exciting renovation of the Oaks Golf Course on May 2nd. This major project will be completed in two phases: Course preparation (Phase 1) and grow-in (Phase 2). For most of May, we were in Phase 1, as the course was prepared to receive the Celebration Bermuda grass sprigs. Much work needed to be accomplished in Phase 1 in order to maximize the grow-in time required for Phase 2. Our golf course superintendents, David Hoggard and Dennis Swander, have done a wonderful job overseeing the following projects and ensuring that each aspect of Phase 1 was completed in a timely manner.
All 18 fairways were treated three times with Round Up to kill the existing Common Bermuda grass. The fairways were then tilled, verticut and aerated to prepare the soil bed for the new sprigs. The tee boxes were stripped and leveled, and the underlying soil was also treated with Round Up. Since the majority of our greens have gotten smaller over the years, we expanded many of them back to their original size. This required prepping an additional 15,000 square feet around the greens. A total of 87 trees were removed to improve turf growth and playability. Twenty-one new irrigation heads were added for better fairway coverage. New tree and plant beds have been added. Also, several swales were created to redirect water flow on holes with severe elevation changes.


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